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Wine list

Our focus is on natural wines with a flair for well made wines by small producers. You will find all of our wine lists at Star Wine List - a guide for wine lovers.

Artist - In - Residence

Being a resident artist was quite common in the past. It was a way for artists to get a place to paint freely, in exchange for the residence ensuring that the artist got food and had a roof over his head. In other words, the artist could refine his technique and paint undisturbed in exchange for subsistence.

We like this idea about resident artists and think it fits well even in the 2010s, so we take it back. We let our resident artist use the restaurant's best wall as a canvas. There are no guidelines for what can be painted. Therefore, neither we, nor our guests for that matter, know how the wall will look tomorrow, next month, or in half a year. Especially because periodically new resident artists will be at work.

An exciting feature that gives our guests an experience in addition to food and wine - and a reason to come by a little more often. At the restaurant we want to create a room for conversations about art, a bit like a cultural hub at Söder. Below you can read more about the artist who lives with us right now

Emilia Ilke

Emilia Ilke is currently living in Stockholm and works as a freelance artist and stylist. She works in a constant flow with several paintings or collages at the same time. Her artwork emerges and forms a larger unity. She gets inspired by interior, photography and fashion.
Emilia has shown her art at restaurant Riche, Liljevalchs Spring salon and has also designed a calendar for the interior boutique Granit.


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